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Will AI Make Your Job "Optional”?

As concerns grow about AI replacing human jobs, Elon Musk has added fuel to the fire with his recent prediction: "Long term, in a benign scenario, any job that somebody does will be optional." Musk suggests that if someone wants a job as a “hobby,” they can have it, but otherwise, “AI and robots will provide any goods and services that you want.”

How accurate is Musk's prediction?  Jordan Wilson, the host of Everyday AI, delves into Musk's statements in detail.  While the idea may be unsettling, Wilson concludes there could be more truth to Musk's words than we might want to admit.  Although jobs may not become entirely “optional,” Wilson believes that with the rapid evolution of AI and AGI (artificial general intelligence), the job market will change drastically, as will the needs for human involvement as we know it today.

Watch this insightful (albeit somewhat terrifying) episode of Everyday AI and decide for yourself.


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