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| 1 minute read

APRA-cadabra! Hopes for a federal privacy law are disappearing

Earlier this morning, House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) abruptly canceled the full mark-up of the American Privacy Rights Act (H.R. 8818).

In her recent statement, Chair McMorris Rodgers expressed the importance of comprehensive federal privacy legislation and reiterated that she remains dedicated to working on the bill (requesting a markup as soon as possible). However, earlier this week, several House GOP leaders expressed their dissatisfaction with the current APRA draft and reportedly threatened to kill the bill, even if it were to pass out of committee.

The new APRA draft has also received criticism from some Democrats and progressive organizations, as the newest draft eliminated certain civil rights provisions.

It remains to be seen how quickly another markup can get scheduled on the legislative calendar. But it seems unlikely that the House will take up the bill before their summer recess (though arguably, not impossible). The fact that this is also an election year only further complicates things. It is usually difficult to pass legislation in an election year, let alone (highly contested) bipartisan legislation. Maybe the 118th Congress will be able to pull a rabbit out of their hats. 


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