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Division of Corporation Finance Q&As from 2018/2019 Government Shutdown

Given the potential government shutdown, I sought to locate the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) guidance about registration statement acceleration and effectiveness from the 2018/2019 U.S. government shutdown. 

While I was not able to find the information on the SEC's website, I was able to pull it up via an archive of the SEC's website in 2019. I assume the commission will publish this information if a shutdown actually takes place, but it is useful to review the SEC's position on these issues ahead of time for any offerings that may be coming to market in the next couple of weeks.

To review the archived information, click here.

Division of Corporation Finance Actions During Government Shutdown (Updated 1/10/2019: Questions 4 and 5 revised; Questions 6 and 9 added)


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